Mike Kerlin - Singer Songwriter

What a Long Strange Trip it's Been

I started out as a child. wait...on a dark and stormy night...doh! Seriously, I grew up in a little town of Nedrow (Worden spelled backwards...no really) in Central New York. If you want some entertaining and funny stories about that you can find them on "Just A Kid From Nedrow" my newest CD release. My brother Mat (not a spelling error, we were so poor my parents couldn't afford 2 T's) has always been my drummer, so great a drummer was he,my friends in other bands would ask if I died would I mind if they got him?  We had some early beginning bands like "The Xone' and 'The Poor Soles' our first big dog was 'Toejam". Probably the first Southern Rock band in Syracuse. We played regionally with some success and in a day when you absolutely had to play covers, we did a number of original songs and did all the covers the Toejam way. We had serious some fun and are still paying the price. Next up was Reel to Real, a rockin' band with killer chops. We toured across NY with Joe English (Paul McCartney and Wings, Jam Factory, Tall Dogs Orchestra) and that was the end of Reel to Real as our direction took a big turn. I began to write Christian Music and the band ZOA was born. We won a SAMMY(regional GRAMMY) for the CD 'The Storm'  (Spiritual Pit Bull Records) and that CD garnered 2 charted songs in the Netherlands. As a result we were invited to tour Holland and had a fantastic times and made some great new friends. That band dissolved after the CD 'VEXED' (which out of our 6 CD releases is my favorites). I got a call from the Netherlands asking us to tour again but the band was no longer together at that time so they asked if I could come solo. Of course if I can bring my wife. We had a fantastic time and made enough money to spend several days in Paris. What more could you ask!? Not long after words the Band...

'The Kerlin Syndrome' was born. Two CD projects came from that group of thugs. 'Twomorrow' and 'The Strings of Men'. Members were My brother Mat Kerlin; drums (in all those past bands...he has been stalking me for years) Steve Yazell, guitar (All the way back to Toejam) Seth Richardson; keys (Zoa), Joe Paolozzi; bass and my son Jonas Kerlin (killer percussionist). Had a lot of fun but my several professions and family took so much time I took a sabbatical from music except writing and playing. 

So, we end up here with Mike Kerlin and Friends and 'Just A Kid From Nedrow'...what would we do without friends?

On a parting note Nedrow is a spectacular tourist destination. The Dollar General is a favorite. jk...(I said it was a small town)

Much Love and Peace and you all stay

Mike Kerlin

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