Mike Kerlin

The Very Best of Zoa Live

by Zoa

Released 2006
Spiritual Pit Bull Records
Released 2006
Spiritual Pit Bull Records
Classic Rock and blues with a powerful inspirational message. Not the usual fare (my dog died, my girl left me, my life sucks). Intended to lift not shove.
It was a dark and stormy night!
OK, so it wasn't but the cuts on this CD will make the sunshine through!
"The Very Best of Zoa Live" is the culmination of digitally recorded and mastered live performances from our 2006 Summer Tour.
In case you've never heard of Zoa, we have been flying swiftly and steadily under the radar since 1992. We have toured The US, Canada, and Europe and have won awards, garnered excellent reviews, and made a splash where ever we could be seen and heard. So into what we were doing, we just didn't take the time, or had the desire, to get caught up in the machine... so our excellent critically acclaimed CD's, (4 in all so far) are just now reaching larger markets through such excellent sources as CD Baby! This CD is a live example of just some of the music we have placed on Studio CD's from the past. These are the songs that would cause our fans to kill us if they were not performed in concert. Guaranteed, if you get this CD, you'll want to order the rest. Happy listening!
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